Sep 18 ~ 24


It’s not easy to be discreet. Especially now, under the strong influence of Planet Mars, you have an urge to let out some steam and let everyone hear your side of the facts. You should wait. As the weekend proceeds, the situation is going to change. You may get another chance later and with a better insight. But as far as money is concerned, there’s no reason to wait. The opportunity might not come back.


If you want to be aware and understand what’s going on around you, you have to be ready to make some compromises. You know that something is not right. This could change, but before it does, you can expect to hear some news. Maybe something that you had hoped for, but could not believe could really happen. For that reason alone, you have to be happy and take a gentle attitude to your neighbors.


Do you need someone to help you or cooperation with something? You should employ a friendlier way to approach people. If you try to force them, it usually only scares people away from you. Your level of ambition I again at its peak, and you can expect to have a bundle of fresh ideas. Do not take criticism personally, and by the way, there’s no reason whatsoever to wait making an important move.


If ever, now there’s a reason to keep a cool head. Specifically, you should avoid losing your cool in front of someone important. A colleague is trying to give you hints that are not so friendly. Don’t worry, there’s a change ahead that is much more to your liking. It could profoundly influence your everyday life, and is definitely worth waiting for. Maybe it’s difficult for you to believe your good luck, but you should grab it with both hands.


There’s no way you can change the mind of someone close to you, so the only solution is to change yours. If you pretend that you have no more interest in the matter, you could make things go your way. If someone is rude, do not sink to the same level. Everything at your job is going well, but you should listen more to opinions of other people in your team, and at the same time, remember that you know best what’s good for you.


A friend is going to present you with an idea that he or she is convinced is brilliant. You may not agree, but be tactful. Putting up a pleasant face would work best in this matter. You could be in for a trip that would improve your life in many ways. There’s a small oasis of peace that would remind youof the advantages of going ahead with your life. Remember that past is past, and nothing more or less.


You have this urge to prove that you are right, but that could easily give an impression of you of being pushy. It could cause you to lose trust in the eyes of your friends. So, what is on the table just now? Maybe you don’t know yet, so it would be best to hedge your bets. You can expect the atmosphere at your working place to improve considerably in the near future. In the meantime, you just have to be patient.


It pays to develop positive thinking in your life and concentrate on improving what is good and not so much try to change what’s bad. Besides, that would smack picking and choosing. You would get more respect, if you give someone else a change to say something. You keep all the reins in your hands, so you can afford to be generous. Being nice is easy, and a good investment. But don’t take people for granted.


Do you feel strong? That’s fine, but be careful not to step over others. Instead, you should thrive to give a serious and honest impression of yourself. Next week is going to bring to the forefront some truths about your career, friendships and health. You should concentrate on managing your thoughts and deeds. Make sure you eat right and don’t slip from your healthy living habits. Especially remember to exercise.


You want something very much that would seem to be very close, Maybe you have to be very nice to someone in order to get what you want. That in turn raises the question how much do you really want it? There could be both unexpected and joyful news ahead that could have something to do with your immediate family. Just now even small things can bring you joy, especially when someone who loves you brings it.


Just now you should concentrate on this and here, and at least for a while forget about dreaming up long-term plans. You are going to get a chance for change, but not on your own terms. The situation will get clearer, but you have to wait no matter how impatient you are. This weekend promises some exciting and interesting moments, and plenty of surprising information. You will also see that your thoughts can change,


Although you should be as straight as possible in your current situation, you still should keep a couple of extra options open. You also tend to disregard advice from your friends, or you have a very selective hearing. Early next week someone will begin to change his or her opinion, but very slowly. You could have to wait all the way to the end of the week before you can see the effect, so be ready for anything.


01:52 28 May , 2024