Sep 25 ~ Oct 1


Somewhere in your mind you have this image of a person who you have never met but whom you would like to meet and become friends with. You must keep your eyes and ears open. Every new day is full of new possibilities. Sometimes your dreams withdraw further from you, but once they come back they feel as familiar as always. You have to stick with the fundamentals in your life and stop daydreaming.


You feel energized and smart, and regardless how much energy you have, you absolutely want to accomplish something. Whether it’s completing a crosswords puzzle or enlist in some new educational course does not matter that much. It would be easy to reach the same state of mind also in the future if you only stretch your horizons a bit. Someone is going to leave you speechless, and that’s a big surprise to you.


Your social life, love and romance become all intertwined over this weekend. Your visions and dreams could take you to a completely new path in your life, but could your dreams come true? Sometimes it could be a good idea to list your wishes on a piece of paper. In that way they feel much more real. Besides, Saturday or Sunday is an significant day in your life as you have to decide something important.


Although it’s a waste of time most of the time to ponder what other people think about you, this weekend you could be surprised about their attitude. Just as you thought that your good deed has been ignored, you see only admiration all around you. There’s also someone that you would like to spend more time with. You get a reason to take a delight of someone else’s success, and be very satisfied.


To build on your current romantic relationship is going to require struggle from both sides. Do not forget that it’s worthwhile to fight for something good. Some ideas and people tend to disappear from us if they are left without attention. I don’t think you want that to happen. You might want to think about your life a little deeper. You tend to live in a moment as it’s very easy for you to skim the cream from the top.


You feel strong this week, but you should not take a stance that you know everything. Relaxed and assured appearance attracts draws people closer to you, especially those you want to impress. You have more influence than you think, mostly good but some of it a little suspicious. Give more space to your deep thoughts. Someone is going to say something that leaves you wondering, although it doesn’t matter for long.


You should think one more time whether you want to take distance from some certain people who have been a part of your inner circle of friends. Are you really in a hurry or could you give them some more time? Your love life could become a little awkward. Are you really interested in a certain person, or have you become more tolerant in your attitude. You are also hoarding stuff for no reason, and you should get better organized.


Feelings of freedom and optimism run through the coming week as you are getting used to a thought that your idea could really bear fruit. Do not doubt yourself. Although the situation is new, it does not have to be scary. In order to clear your thoughts you should think how would you advise a friend in a similar situation. You should complete a project you have prepared for the whole long summer. It’s a time to reap the rewards.


You are starting to pay more attention to an aspect of your life that you have neglected lately. Maybe it has something to do with your health and wellbeing. You should listen to your body more carefully. Let your intuition show you the way ahead. You have already praised someone’s accomplishments before you realize that they are not his. There’s also someone else who’d like to know the truth.


This time of the year promises to be refreshing for you, and everything proceeds with speed. A project your have recently put time and effort to begins to show promise. You can expect much more encouragement and help from your family than you had expected and hoped for. There’s also a young person who want to be a part of your project, and is willing to prove to be worth of your trust.


There’s a new idea floating around that would create quick positive results if you put your time in it. You should take a more positive attitude on developing yourself, and stop regarding it as a burden. One of your friends needs your help to get back on his or her feet. Someone is also going to say you something that impacts you strongly. But maybe you should take it with a grain of salt, even if it sounds assuring.


You can’t pull magical tricks from your hat all the time even if others seem to think so, but you have to try to stay patient in front of those unrealistic expectations. Maybe you are a victim of your earlier success. In any case, don’t make your life miserable by following random ideas of others. You are also wondering why someone has started believing in fairy tales. You could quietly tell this person how things really are.

04:36 15 Jun , 2024