Lance corporal arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

A 20-year-old U.S. Marine Lance Corporal was arrested on suspicion violating the Road Traffic Law, Sunday.

According to the Naha Police, a patrolling officer became suspicious of a car the Marine was driving, and asked it to stop on the Pipeline road in the Furujima district of Naha.

Instead of stopping, the suspect chose to try to run away, and about 20 minutes later into the chase, ignored a red light at the Asahibashi Intersection in Naha, and then hit a taxi coming from Meijibashi. Police say the suspect had a number of scratches with vehicles including the taxi while escaping. In the collision, the driver of the taxi suffered a head contusion injury.

Once the police was able to stop the Marine’s car they administered a breathalyzer test and the alcohol tester detected about three times the legal limit of alcohol in the suspects breath, and he was arrested.


23:45 25 Jun , 2024