Masatoshi Onaga declines to run for Naha Mayor

One of the leading candidates in the upcoming Naha City Mayoral election, Masatoshi Onaga, the Prefecture Assembly Deputy Chairman and Vice President of the LDP Okinawa Chapter, told the LDP Okinawa members of the Naha Assembly, yesterday, that he has decided to decline the candidacy.

The Naha Mayor Selection Committee of the LDP Okinawa is still strongly supporting Onaga as a candidate.  The third committee meeting was scheduled for today to make the final decision.

The Committee has supported Onaga, while the delegation of Naha City Assembly members endorses Junshiro Nishime, a former member of the House of Councilors.  At the mayoral election, the delegation of Naha Assembly members is supposed to be line troops for attracting support from people.  It is speculated that Onaga decided not to run in the election because the Assembly members in the delegation are supporting Nishime.

But still, Onaga has a reputation and experience of the former chief of the LDP Okinawa.  In addition, he has close ties to the New Komeito of Okinawa, and has supporters from medical and construction sectors and more than 10 business groups.

Naha Assembly members insist that it would be more effective to rely on the name of ‘Nishime brand’ as Junshiro Nishime is the son of former Okinawa Governor Junji Nishime.

08:57 30 May , 2024