Naha Mayor Selection Committee backs Vice-Mayor Mikiko Shiroma

With Takeshi Onaga now running in the November gubernatorial race, Naha City has to hold a Mayoral Election on the same day.

Five of Naha Assembly parties supporting incumbent Mayor Takeshi Onaga and the City Mayor Selection Committee consisting mainly of business groups are in the process of making the final judgment of fielding a candidate, and are reportedly leaning towards Vice-Mayor Mikiko Shiroma, the deputy mayor of Naha City, as a replacement for Onaga.

The committee is planning to make a formal decision today. The selection committee has had three meetings by now, and has narrowed its field of candidates down to five out of 10, who were recommended by political groups. At the meeting on Sep. 10th each candidate delivered a speech about their enthusiasm of running in the mayoral election, and presented their vision of managing the city.

Shiroma stated at the meeting, “My fundamental thought is to inherit the Onaga Adoministration. I have listened to Onaga’s line of thought with my staff, and I want to try my best to follow with my whole heart.” Shiroma has served as a principal of a junior high school, and as the chairwoman of Naha City Education Bureau.

Onaga also talked about his hopes for the Naha City mayoral candidate. “I hope the next mayor to inherit and develop the city that Naha citizen have fostered, and want him or her to be a foundation to gather people together as ‘All Okinawa’.”

02:19 22 May , 2024