Okinawa 2015 request ¥379.4 billion budget for 2015

The Cabinet Office decided, Aug. 26, that the budgetary request relating to Okinawa development budget in 2015 will be ¥379.4 billion. That’s an increase of around ¥300 billion from 2014.

The Japanese Government answered most requests of Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima. It’s seen that the Government aims to support Nakaima for the upcoming prefectural Governor’s race in November.

The amount of the promotion budget, which is the main budget for the prefecture, increases by ¥110 billion to ¥186.9 billion. An example of its details is the research expenses marked for  international conference and building planning of a MICE facility. It is includes a preparation cost of ¥500 million, for the conference meeting of IISS, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which is the world leading think-tank focusing on international security in United Kingdom. ¥210 million yen is for installation of a railway cost research.

For OIST, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, ¥2.1 billon is proposed for recruiting new teaching staff and construction costs of a laboratory facility. The cost of use of the land after Camp Zukeran is vacated is ¥380 million marked as the  research cost of relocating the Ryukyu University Hospital to the former Futenma Housing site.

10:26 23 Jun , 2024