Okinawa hotel sales increase by 5.6%

Teikoku DataBank, the largest corporate research provider in Japan, Okinawa Division, announced the results of its fiscal 2013 trend survey of Okinawa’s hotels sales.

According to the report, the sales volume of the top ten among Okinawa’s hotels that the Teikoku Okinawa division is keeping tabs on increased by 5.6% to ¥57.473 billion.  As for the reason, the research company says that occupancy rates  are higher, for example, due to the economy recovery, start of more LCC services t Okinawa and the growth of overseas tourists to Okinawa.

Among the top ten hotels, there are six operating with local Okinawan capital, one with mainland Japan capital and three of financed by foreign capital. The top hotel group is The Terrace Hotels. The reputation of ‘Wellness Thalasso’, one of the marquee services atThe Terrace Club Busena, has increased remarkably among higher health-conscious people.

The second case is Kariyushi Hotels. Its hotel occupancy rate has been firm, and the utilization of banquet halls and restaurants is going well. The absorption with an affiliate company made a contribution, and sales increased by 10.6% compared to the previous fiscal year.

The third is H.P.D. Corporation, which manages Renaissance Okinawa Resort.

Teikoku DataBank pointed out that the hotel business in Okinawa is expected to generate more revenue growth if typhoons do not make an influence on airlines during the summer season. In its commentary, Teikoku advises that each hotel still needs to keep on theirz original approach.

08:39 30 May , 2024