Okinawa tops tourist satisfaction survey

Okinawa’s a terrific place to take a vacation.

That’s the word that has smiles on the faces of Okinawa tourism and government officials, as Jalan, one of Japan’s major travel magazines, announced its travel survey results for 2013.  Okinawa finished #1 as the place most visitors like to go, racking up a 91.4% rating.

Okinawa also scored at the top of three survey categories, proving favorites as best with a variety of local specialties and souvenirs, hospitality by Okinawa residents, and the ease of obtaining local information.  Money spent on tourism in Okinawa was soaring 11.4% to ¥469.1 billion, putting Okinawa in third place behind Tokyo and Hokkaido.

The total number of visitors increased by 15.1% to ¥4.96 million, while the unit cost of an adult per night decreased by 2.7% to ¥94,600, but still exceeds the national average by ¥46,800. The number of people who want to travel Okinawa again increased to 27.6%. By region, 40% of Kanto respondents want to come to Okinawa, followed by 17% from the Kansai area, and 10% from Kyushu and Tokai area. Private travelers accounted for 66.5% of the respondents, while package tour participants were 33.5%. Repeaters were 70% of the total.


18:28 17 Apr , 2024