Okinawa’s non-regular employment rate highest in Japan

According to the Prefecture Labor Office, the rate of part-time job offers to job openings received by the office in Okinawa in fiscal 2013, is the highest in Japan. A whopping 71.7% of employers offer only part-time employment whereas the national average is 59.5%.

On the other hand, 77.2% of the job seekers in fiscal 2013 were hoping to work as a permanent employee.

The jobs-to–applicants ratio was 0.57 in fiscal 2013, which was the highest since 1972, but officials at the Labor Office say that it is still difficult to become employed as permanent staff.

By the type of business, service businesses like temporary hires by 89.8%, followed by 85.8% on the education sector. Lodging industry offers 85.4% part-time or temporary jobs, followed by information-communication businesses with 74.4%, and restaurants with 74.0%.

13:23 25 May , 2024