Onaga supporters launch Election Office in Kumoji

The constituent body supporting Takeshi Onaga has set up an office, with a slogan “Peace, Abundance with Pride!  Hiyamikachi, Umanchu-no Kai.” The new office was opened on Tuesday in Kumoji, Naha, and held an opening party.

The association comprises opposition Diet members, Prefectural Assembly members and Naha City Assembly members, including conservatives, people from the political middle, and supporters from the business community. The chief of the association is Tokujitsu Miyagi, the former Mayor of Kadena Town, and the incumbent Nago City Mayor, Susumu Inamine is scheduled to join.  Constituency General Manager Morimasa Goya, who is the Chairman of Kanehide Holdings Co. Ltd, stressed in his speech “Let’s put a period to traitors to Uchinanchu (Okinawans)”

Mayor Onaga strongly emphasized, “The campaign pledge of Governor Hirokazu Nakaima was to replace the MCAS Futenma with a facility in some other prefecture four years ago. Okinawan citizens have not yet approved the landfill plan. People of Okinawa will judge this at the gubernatorial election. I will never allow to make the new base, and the Futenma base will never stay where it is. Okinawan citizens have said ‘No Henoko!’”

08:44 30 May , 2024