Onna Village Mayor to seek fourth term in January

Onna Village Mayor Fumiyasu Shikiya expressed his intention at the Village Assembly, Sep. 16th, to seek a fourth term in the office in the next village mayoral election in January.

Shikiya points out the need for the maintenance of Manzamo, an improvement of incomes for local farm households, and the need of cooperation in an international baseball sports event.  “I will keep on the current structure, and would like to file my candidacy,” Shikiya said.

Shikiya is born in Dec., 1947, and hails from the Yamada district of Onna Village. He won first a seat in the Onna Village Assembly in 1986. From 1998 to Sep., 2002, Shikiya served as the Chairman of the Assembly, winning his first term as the Onna Village Mayor in 2003.

00:56 28 May , 2024