OPG planning to re-open Singapore Office

The Okinawa Prefectural Government is planning re-open its overseas office in Singapore. after a hiatus since 2004.

According to a prefecture spokesman, re-opening of the office would be profitable to attract more tourists from the region, and to energize sales of Okinawan products. A government official says the aim is to open the office next April.

SilkAir, an affiliate company of Singapore Airlines, began service of six round trips between Naha and Singapore from this month through December. Jetstar Asia, based in Singapore has also decided to start the service.

The Prefectural Government is trying to expand lines, therefore adding staff to Singapore.  ANA Cargo has run six weekly flights beteen Naha and Singapore since May.  In Singapore, the cargo business has grown to strengthen the network as a worldwide freight transport net complex. Government overseas offices are taking care of business support in foreign countries for Okinawan companies, and attracting overseas visitors to Okinawa.

The Okinawa Industrial Promotion Public Corporation is in charge of managing, the four offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. Singapore office had been set up in 1996 and ran for eight years. However, it was closed in 2004 due to sift in the company’s needs to China’s booming economy. Subsequently, the Prefectural Government opened a Shanghai office in 2005.

10:30 18 Jul , 2024