Prefecture requests setting up Okinawa Resource Center at George Washington University

Okinawa Vice Governor Kurayoshi Takara made a request to the library of the George Washington University in the U.S. to establish an “Okinawa resource center” (tentative name) in the university library.

According to Takara, the center would aim at  scholars and experts in the U.S. to gain further understanding of Okinawa, and contribute to a solution towards the U.S. military base issue in Okinawa. According to Prefectural officials, Vice-provost and University Librarian Geneva Henry  showed a positive attitude towards the  installation. At the occasion, Okinawa Prefecture offered the library a history book of Okinawa and some Okinawa related books as an example.

The Prefectural Office is planning to provide materials about base issues, culture and performing arts in the future. The Prefectural Office and the Library agreed to talk about details of administrative work like staffing and exhibition space.

The background of the initiative is that Mike Mochizuki, a professor at the George Washington University, originally proposed the idea.  Mochizuki have collaborated in research activities related to Okinawa issues with Vice Governor Takara.  Takara says “researchers in the U.S. have been called for more materials related to Okinawa. Thus far, we have not had sufficient environment. “

08:38 30 May , 2024