Shokichi Kina to run in November gubernatorial race

The Okinawa Democratic Party of Japan announced its intention to field a candidate, Shokichi Kina, a former member of the House of Councilors, in the gubernatorial race on Nov. 16th at its executive board meeting on Sep. 16th in Naha.

The local chapter of the Democratic Party of Japan officially asked Kina to run in the race.  The Okinawa branch will soon report the its pick to the Democratic Party of Japan headquarters, after which Kina is planning to officially declare his candidacy at a press conference this week.   Kina says, “I’m hesitant, but if I refused, that would attract bad publicity to Okinawa,” showing his willingness to run in the race.

Regarding the relocation plan of MCAS Futenma to Henoko, Kina clearly stated as his campaign pledge to cancel the permission of the Henoko landfill at a press conference after the board meeting. Kina also emphasized that he is trying to present a ‘Plan B’ that would mean an alternative plan that would satisfy Okinawan citizens and both the U.S. and Japan.

However, the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Japan has already accepted the Henoko relocation plan, and it’s uncertain if the headquarters would endorse Kina.

Kina is a local singer. He won a proportional representation seat in the Upper House election in 2004, and lost his seat in the following Upper House election of 2010.

01:18 22 May , 2024