Vegetable prices edge up

Cabbage, lettuce, cucumber and other vegetable price are skyrocketing on local markets.

Due to continuous rain and lack of sunlight in the main land Japan, leafy vegetables’ prices have soared to 1.5 times of the average or more.  In supermarkets on Okinawa, prices have gradually edged higher for the past two weeks.  At AEON Ryukyu, the price of a head of a cabbage is currently about ¥300, up from ¥200.

According to AEON public relations staff, they are now selling cabbage cutting the head half for customers easier to buy. Customers are buying butter salad or baby leaves instead of common leaf vegetables.

During the summer season, we usually see more leafy vegetables from the mainland of Japan than Okinawa’s vegetables on the market. Cabbage is coming in only half of the usual numbers.  Okinawa produced vegetable prices are also getting higher because of the pressure from vegetable prices of mainland.

01:42 28 Feb , 2024