Water accidents in Okinawa increasing

Okinawa Prefectural Police announced that ater-related fatalities at Okinawan beaches doubled by 8 people to 17 people, during July and August.

Only this year, water accidents have increased by 5 to 44, including 23 fatalities. Water-related accidents are the most likely to happen between July and August that includes a summer vacation season.

The most common reason was falling while walking with six incidents, followed by fishing with four, and two while swimming. Accidents by tourists increased by five to 20. Snorkeling accidents are on the top with six people.

As Okinawa’s swimming season continues until through October, Okinawa Prefectural Police urges the public to use public beaches with lifeguards on duty, and put on a lifejacket while not only swimming but fishing and collecting clams.

01:16 22 May , 2024