Yagaji Beach in Nago renewed

A healthcare corporation, TAPIC Group that owns mainly medical-related facilities and a hotel opened the renewed Yagaji Beach in Nago, on Aug. 30th.

Yagaji Beach is one of the oldest public beaches in Okinawa, located at the entrance to Yagaji Island in Nago. Yagaji Beach is marked by a natural sandy beach facing both East China Sea and Haneji’s Island Sea.

TAPIC Group is planning to consolidate  the area not only for swimming and camping but also build a nursing home for senior people. Yoshikazu Miyazato, the director of TAPIC Group says “Yagaji is surrounded by beautiful nature. We would like to make something where people can relax and rehabilitate with taking advantage of this ocean and woods, and hope to make it a tourist site.”

15:14 29 May , 2024