Brown sugar yeast awamori ‘Chura-sansan’ recognized

“Chura-sansan” awamori of awamori brewer Mizuho Shuzo won the first prize in the Awamori category in the Fall National Alcoholic Drinks Contest 2014.

What makes Chura-sansan exceptional is that it’s made using brown sugar yeast that makes it mature fast.  Hiroaki Oshiro, the chief of the manufacturing division at Mizuho Shuzo says, “Because of brown sugar yeast used in the brewing it’s sweet.  So it’s easy to drink, and especially women like it. You can mix it with citrus juice or hot water as there are various ways to enjoy it.”

The company will introduce and pre-sell the new Chura-sansan at the Okinawa Industrial Fest this weekend at Onoyama Park in Naha. It will arrive at retail stores in and outside of Okinawa on Nov. 1. It is sold in 720-milliliter bottles for ¥790 per bottle. Its alcohol content is 30 percent per volume.

10:12 21 Feb , 2024