Demonstrators circle Prefectural Office

A large-scale demonstration opposing the relocation of MCAS Futenma and construction of a new base to Camp Schwab off Henoko in Nago took place Thursday at the Prefecture Office in Izumizaki, Naha.  The demonstrators joined their hands to form a circle around the office building in order to emphasize their opposition to the plan demanding that the work be halted immediately.

According to local press reports, about 3,800 people took part in the demonstration. This was the third time a large-scale demonstration has been organized to oppose the Henoko relocation and construction of the new base.

In addition to local people and whole families together with their children, a number of foreigners took part. There were also people protesting the Japanese Coast Guard activity at Henoko, and groups opposing the construction of a U.S. military helipad in Takae, Higashi Village.

People attending were yelling slogans and voicing their opposition to the construction the new base. They demanded Governor Hirokazu Nakaima not to approve the application for changes in the landfill plan that the Okinawa Defense Bureau has submitted to the governor.

23:12 25 Feb , 2024