High concentration of dioxin confirmed in unearthed cans

A high concentration of toxic dioxin was detected in the 18 drum cans unearthed from a soccer field in Okinawa City in January when all together 61 suspicious drum cans were discovered buried in the area.

Hideaki Miyata, a leading researcher in the dioxin study and a professor at Setsunan University, investigated samples from the cans.  He concludes that the existence of defoliant agents in the samples is certain.

Miyata investigated the dioxin contents of the deteriorated cans, and found, the most toxic dioxin concentration of more than 50% in 18 of the drum cans.  The is a by-product of making herbicide 2.4.5-T, and Miyata’s study confirmed the presence of the decomposing substance in all 18 cans.

Miyata says that the U.S. military might have made various defoliation agents combining these herbicides.  The is the most toxic dioxin of all 29 kinds of dioxins.  It is known to be a strong carcinogenic, depressing human immune system, and harming a fetus.

11:37 21 Feb , 2024