Oct 2 ~ 8


You really want to advance yourself, and this time you have the energy to accomplish your goals, and dedicate time and effort to it. You want a change. Especially you would like to pay attention to your eating habits. A strong belief that everything is possible could create wonders, or a disappointment. It’s important to prioritize and make clear to yourself what it actually is that your want to accomplish.


You can expect to have many romantic moments over the weekend. Several traits that you haven’t understood in your partner could begin to come clear. If you ask the right questions you are going to get straight answers. But if you are looking for perfection, you could be in for a disappointment. Regardless, you should not be afraid to set your goals high. Your love is going to carry you on, even if you are a little unsure of it.


Your charming side is going to come into focus after the weekend, and it allows you to have your pick of people you want to associate with. It could be rather troublesome to meet several people one at a time, so a fun evening together could be a good solution. There’s something special, a person or an event that is going to enter your life with a profound effect. Someone is talking trash that you should ignore completely.


Positive attitude and energetic outlook fit your image very well. Some people you are likely to meet could be difficult and demanding, and take more persuasion to come to your point of view, but you should not go over where the fence is the lowest. Use your charms instead to convince them that you have it right. You should not try to please too many people at the same time. Someone is not behaving as normal over the weekend.


A situation that others find stressing is just another adventure for you. Your ability to organize is really coming into limlight, and you are going to get a chance to show what you really can do. A surprising situation could take place over the weekend, and your solution brings both satisfaction and new friends to you. You should not be too modest, as you have earned the appreciation of others. The word for coming week is “Peace!”


Planet Venus is encouraging you to reach for perfection, but this could lead to a disappointment. Could you have tried more or done something better? The confusion could even reach your love life, but that would be more due to differences in your needs and desires. Instead, you should ask whether there could be something that would improve your relationship. If one thing is going to get into your nerves, it’s people who are slow.


There’s a limit to romantic moments that you could have this weekend, and that depends on what you can decide together. Something that has long been on the back burner is now demanding your attention. You can avoid an argument only if you’re ready to compromise. The same goes to all long-term plans that you have. The ball is in your court now. You have your own conflicts to resolve and that makes I difficult to decide.


You have a new angle to look at your job. Certain details could require fine-tuning, and take their share of your time. At the same time, your partner is demanding more time together without all sorts of distractions. Maybe a surprise weekend trip could ignite the spark that your love life now requires. As love still has a strong influence on your life, it would be a good idea to pamper your lover as best you can.


You should be heading for something new, and you should not pick up the most obvious path. You can expect people who would normally be of no interest to you to seek for your company. You should listen to them, and not dismiss them outright. It’s important to keep an open mind at this time. This goes both for your professional and private lives. It would benefit you to talk straight and avoid sugarcoating anything you say.


You have spent a long time looking for something, or someone, and now you have a chance to find it. You have to stay alert, as you don’t want to miss this opportunity! You should direct your energy towards improving your finances in order to enjoy more of your leisure time. Keep the practical side of things in your mind, and you can actually save money. You should relax thoroughly as you have had a stressing stretch of time lately.


Now is a time to pay attention to money. Think if your social life is costing you too much. You will notice that in order to take care of your finances, you have to take care of everything else in your life. Save, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. There’s someone whose behavior really disappoints you. There’s not much you can do about it just now, but make sure it does not become a habit to be repeated.


It seems that you’re trying to help someone but have a hard time to get any kind of reaction. Maybe you should take a step back, and think your approach anew. Maybe you could get your message through better by using a mediator? Your finances are also requiring attention, but matters of heart seem to be closer to home at this time. You’d like to spend time with your lover but just now it doesn’t seem possible.


22:35 27 Feb , 2024