Oct 9 ~ 15


This weekend promises to be just wonderful. Take a good look around you and enjoy every moment of it. People who are younger than you like your playful attitude. The only stress you may feel is from the rather large workload that you have collected to yourself, and that makes you want to go out for some fresh air. You should suggest to your partner that you take a long leisurely walk and have a good discussion.


Over the next few days you will realize your own value, but you have to remember that there could always be some room to improve. Try to work with others in a way that they don’t rely on you every time there’s a small problem. There’s someone special who wants you to succeed, and you are getting encouraging comments. An exciting contact is going to appear over the weekend, who can inspire all kinds of new ideas in you.


Before you can proceed, there’s a certain matter that you have to take care of. Although the weather over the weekend could be rainy, you should try to get out of your house for some fresh air. Someone would love to take advantage of your money, and this problem could be anything from a mistaken invoice to a stupid proposal. You have to keep your head cool and stand firm on your ground. In the end, it’s you who stands to benefit.


The changing attitude of someone close to you could take you by surprise. At first, this could amuse you, and you’re wondering who or what is behind this change. If you feel jealousy lifting its ugly head, you may need someone to calm you down. But if that’s the case, do not trust on anyone whose only motivation is to get attention. You have to remember that a promise is a promise and they are meant to be kept.


You cool attitude works wonders this time, and people who try to use your kind and friendly demeanor to their advantage are going to have a change of mind as soon as they take notice. You could meet someone really interesting over the weekend, but you have to get away from your usual circles. You should aim at something bigger and better as at this time planet Saturn’s aspect makes sure that your voice is heard when needed.


Love and romance are on the forefront this weekend, but as passions arise, they could lead to a confession that you are not sure you would like to hear. Then you have to make a decision, are you going to push your relationship to a new higher level? You should also pay attention to money, not only your love life. There is unfinished business that you have to finish in order to prevent the problems to become really disturbing.


It’s important to nurture your relationships especially with those who are the closest to you. Clear all misunderstandings and disagreements as soon as they arise. Show others that you really care. Maybe to your surprise, it’s not always clear to everyone. You social life is in good shape as long as you follow the advice of trying something new and not stick with the same old routines all the time. That would be good for your own psyche, too.


You should be more clear in your communication and tell others what is it that you want from them. Do not waste your time by going around the matter, just express you true feelings. It could be that sometimes you have to stick with your words and deeds. If those around you seem reluctant to follow your lead, there’s always a way to encourage and inspire them to charge ahead. It’s your job to figure out how.


This is a peaceful time in your life that allows you to accomplish many things without interference from outside. Although you have your hands full of work and seem constantly busy, your determination and energy bring results. Others think more of you if you can admit sometimes that you could have been wrong in a certain matter, as they come to see you as one of them. This is also a time to pay attention to your finances.


Have you made a promise that you should make true now? You have to honor your promise, as not keeping it would damage your standing and reputation in many corners. Someone would like you to be more flexible in matters of heart, and when you do, you would discover later that this was a good move with plenty of rewards. You can avoid stress when you keep all the ropes in your own hands and are aware what is going on.


Some people around you want to start from a clean slate and are waiting for your help. But before you rush to the task, make sure that also you get what you want and need. It’ understandable that at times you wish to have more peace and privacy for yourself, and time to lick your wounds, but try to bear it. Planning ahead as much as possible goes long way to dispel pessimism that tries to prevent you to reach your full potential.


A week is a short time as for you there’s no end of things to do. In a matter of fact, you could become so immersed in your busy schedule that you might forget to live here and now. Someone is asking you to become a peace negotiator, and the timing could be much better. You could reach a positive outcome in this problem if you could work on it quietly in the background, and let others to take the limelight,


06:36 01 Mar , 2024