Oct 23 ~ 29


Your honest opinion may come as a surprise, and even disturb a certain person among your friends, but it’s more important for you to do what is right. You lover has a problem making a decision in the face of a mystery that has continued for some time. You better not comment on it, as you have stated your opinion before, and injecting your five cents again into the situation would only make it worse, especially for you.


You have a chance to make a certain person to really blossom by delegating more responsibility to him or her. You two have a strong bond connecting you, and that’s why you know what is the best way to give your support. Money should not be a problem at this time, but it’s very important that you allow more time and space for you to collect your thoughts properly. Should you enter this in haste, you would regret your decision later.


Try to take better care of your wellbeing. Prejudice shown by some people could really shock you, but you have to accept that sometimes it’s just difficult, if not impossible, to understand people, and this seems to be one of those cases. You should make clear that you disagree, and not let others to bother you with some small details. The truth is that there are some things and persons that you simply can’t change.


In order for you to succeed in your career, you have to keep abreast with the times. Ask yourself, are you satisfied with your current situation? If you want to continue the way it has been lately, that’s OK, too. But learning some new things could get you ahead. You have a very sharp mind, but are you using it 100 percent? Sometimes it does not seem to be so. Take a look at a mirror, and ask yourself what you should change.


Something that you have not expected is going to surprise you. You have to think, how can it be that you did not see this coming? You are busy, but you should not neglect important basics in your life. Be careful when approaching something that seems to be too good to be true. You future is not all black and white, so you should be prepared with alternative plans that you can employ when the situation warrants.


Someone is now putting pressure on you that could depress someone who’s not as strong as you, and it won’t be easy for you, either. The best way ahead is to go along a day at a time, and let everything develop on its own weight. Romance has been on the back burner lately but for another reason, but now you should think whether it would be a good idea to revive it. A drop of good luck is likely to reach you after the weekend at long last.


You have overabundance of energy, and your activity is drawing others like a magnet. May people are craving for the inspiration and encouragement you can give them. Working as a group would earn you appreciation and the kind of satisfaction you deserve. You could learn a lot about yourself if you pay close attention on how you react to others. And  at the same time, ideas born within he group would propel your imagination to new heights.


You creativity is coming forward, and you are ready to start a journey you have dreamed of for a long time. This is not a journey in a physical sense, but rather an inner state of mind that could lead to a considerable improvement in both your physical and mental wellbeing. You should plan a romantic weekend as that could make many things regarding your relationship much clearer. But you have to be ready for some strong feelings.


This weekend you are likely to meet a person who has not gotten the usual starting points to build a normal life. Your help is very important, and you should allocate your time to this person as that would be much more important that money. Advancing a new relationship is much easier if you know even a little what this person likes and what not. That is the first thing you have to find out before anything else.


You should already make a promise to take better care of yourself this coming winter. Small changes in your daily diet, and some new forms of physical activity could have a strong impact. Sharing experiences and ideas with others would help you to grow your self-confidence and bring more joy into your life. You should change something in your life, and maybe at least give some more time to romance this weekend.


A situation is going to arise over the weekend that proves you beyond doubt how much people really value and appreciate you. You can expect many people to seek your company wanting to hear your opinion on various things they have in their mind. But if you wish to find a romance, you have to take the initiative yourself. Before you conclude that someone dos not like you, you should think what’s coming in between you two to stop it.


As you have a gentle heart you would like everyone to be happy. Of course this is not possible, but early next week you are likely to meet someone who is intent to be outright rude. The right way to counter this person’s criticism is to use your sense of humor. There’s a door open for a romance, but you have to decide wither you want to open it wider or slam it shut. Why, maybe you could at least take peek from behind the curtains.

03:55 29 Feb , 2024