Oct 30 ~ Nov 5


This whole weekend is going to be under very positive influence of the planets, and you should take full advantage of it. Your domestic life is bliss, and romance rules the days everywhere. The fortune is on your side, and for some this is a good time to make decisions concerning your family life. Do not forget the power of a good hug, you have earned plenty of them. Some action is necessary concerning your work or finances.


You get along with everyone as long as you keep an eye on possible trouble from outside. The trouble would not necessarily affect you directly but rather someone in your circle of close friends. Although you trust on everyone, you should keep a keen eye on matters related to money. Avoid taking long leaps ahead, and remember that cautious small steps often result in a better outcome. This would be a good time to open up your eyes to wider world.


There’s romance in the air. You will notice that the company of others makes you stronger and happier. Listen carefully and learn from the experience of others, and you will be surprised with the end result. Passions are also awakening, and someone whom you have practically ignored is going to show a keen interest in you. You are lucky, indeed. The big question is how to balance all this without upsetting someone less fortunate.


When you make a decision you should trust only on your instincts. When you show others that you believe in what you’re doing, everyone is joining in your side. A big change is on the way, but it won’t happen before next week, and that gives you more time to think about it from every aspect. You should pay special attention to your finances as something that is difficult to foresee could happen taking you and everyone else by surprise.


A slow pace of events this week gives you a good opportunity to think about your future. Trying something new would stimulate your mind in a positive way, and give you a boost of energy. But making any major decision should be left to later in the coming week, as that is a time that people would pay more attention to your opinions. If you demand that everyone listens to you now, you are not going to get much response.


You should be ready to believe in your ability and skills. Some long-standing disagreements are likely to be resolved this weekend, and that helps to prove others that you are capable of letting bygones be bygones. If you want to have good time and relax, you should seek the company of some younger people. That would also help you to appreciate what you already have and stop longing for something that does not matter that much.


Your level of spiritual and physical level of energy is high, and this week proves to be very productive. Kudos that your success is earning you suit you very well, and spur you to further achievements. But it does not pay to make major decisions yet, instead, you should wait until you are more than 100 percent sure of what you’re getting into. Your relationship is requiring your attention, and you have to decide whether it’s time for a change.


Immersing you into your work would earn you quick rewards. That could also bring you some criticism, but you should not take that too personal. If someone asks you a favor, make sure first that it’s not against to your best interest. There could have been a quarrel or disagreement in the recent past that is still bothering you, but that should not be a reason to let you down. You have more power than that to back you up.


You have some old skill that you have not utilized for a long time, and now you should resurrect it to your advantage. You are facing a very creative period of time, and you will see that you are more in demand than ever. Make sure you take full advantage of every chance you get. Apologizing to someone you hurt a long time ago would make you both feel and look good. And it would not be anything away from you either.


Your family and matters of heart are coming to the limelight now. There are some important decisions for you to make, and you should take into account the difficult choices you made before. But in the final evaluation, those, heavy as they were, will prove to have been the right ones, and are now about to show their value. Many people around you are used to see you to take the heaviest responsibility and have it easier for them.


Consider investing in your future financially or picking up some physical exercise. People are also making offers that could be difficult to resist. You feel powerful, and as such, you would like to go it alone, but in the future, partners and people willing to cooperate with you could prove to be valuable. You should use this weekend to meet friends, and do something nice together. A beer or drink Friday evening would not be a bad idea.


You should be flexible, but at the same time, keep your cool concerning anything of importance. There was a disappointment recently, but now it doesn’t seem to be so important any more. You like your peace and you could use this trait of yours to show others, how to get along with just anybody. You could also point out consequences if they don’t follow you advice in this regard. This would show your strength, and make you feel good.

02:19 24 Apr , 2024