Intersections with most fatalities or injuries named

According to Okinawa Prefectural Police, about 44.7% of traffic accidents resulting in an injury or death in Okinawa during 2013 occurred at intersections.  Those accidents numbered 2,977 out of a total of 6,664 accidents.

The worst were head-on collisions that accounted for about 35.5% of the accidents or 1,058 cases. The second worst were collisions that occurred when drivers were turning right or left at an intersection, which were about 24% of all or 714 cases, followed by rear-end collisions that were about 20% or 595 cases.

An intersection that saw most crashes was the Chatan Intersection at the corner of Camp Foster where Route 130 and Highway 58 meet that had 12 accidents that caused a fatality or serious injury.  The accidents happened most often in the morning.

The next most dangerous place was the Uenoya intersection on Highway 58 in Naha that had nine cases.  The intersection has had especially many accidents, in which someone is turning right and runs into a pedestrian.  It showed a high increase in such incidents during early evenings.

The worst five locations in Okinawa were the Chatan Intersection in Chatan, Uenoya Intersection in Naha, Ojana Intersection in Ginowan.  Hamagawa Intersection in Chatan, Matsuyama Intersection in Naha and Nakaima Intersection in Naha.

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