Kitanakagusuku Village Office workers use balance balls for chairs

Seven workers at the Kitanakagusuku Village Office are using balance balls instead of chairs to sit at their desks.  The workers sit straight on balance balls and say their “Waistlines are getting smaller” and they are even “Getting more work done!”

First, a 39-year-old assistant manager of the Health Insurance Division started the trend.  He says he weighed 98.7 kg, and his waistline measured 101 cm.  “In a meeting, we are always talking about metabolic syndrome or obesity. I really wanted to run out of the room,” he giggled.

So he bought a balance ball and started to use it with one of his co-workers in July.  He explains that because the ball keeps him conscious about his waistline and health, he has had fewer snacks in the course of the day after he started sitting on the ball.  His waistline has by now gotten 3 cm shorter, and has been able to tighten his belt by two holes over three months.

In September, his idea was taking root in other sections of the Village Office.  A 33-year-old worker, who is in charge of town residents’ wellness development programs says with a smile, “I won’t get sleepy, and am more efficient at work.”

There are other advantages, too. He explains that “When local people visit the office they are surprised to see this, however, on the good side it gives us usually a chance to have a good conversation.”

02:21 27 Feb , 2024