LDP picks Kanetoshi Yoseda for Naha mayoral election

The Naha Mayoral Selection Committee of the LDP Okinawa Chapter held a meeting in Naha, Oct. 7th, and unanimously decided to field Kanetoshi Yoseda, a lawyer and former vice governor, as their candidate in the Naha mayoral election on Nov. 16th.  Yoseda agreed to the request, and said, “I’ll promise to try my best to respond to expectations of the people of Naha.”

The Committee was selecting its nominee among five candidates for the mayor’s post.  As for reasoning behind selecting Yoseda, Konosuke Kokuba, a current Diet member and the chairman of the LDP Naha Mayoral Selection Committee said, “It’s highly possible that the LDP and Komeito form an alliance for this election. Yoseda is a person with a sense of responsibility and passion, and he can spell out clearly his vision of how to change Naha concretely.”

Along with his 35 years of experience as a lawyer, Yoseda has the experience of the former vice governor, the leader of Okinawa Bar Association and a member of the Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission.  “Yoseda has built a wide network of connections in the Prefecture and Naha City. That is very important to being ready for the job and the election.” Kokuba stated.

At a press conference after the nomination, Yoseda elaborated his views saying, “I will stand firm in keeping up the fundamental principles of a conservative-centrist administration.  When the specifics of our plan ‘Naha 21st Vision’ is explained to Naha citizens, I am sure I’m able to obtain the understanding of most people, and their approval and backing.”

08:59 17 Apr , 2024