New Uruma City Assembly elected on Sunday

Uruma City Assembly Election took place Oct. 5th, and the votes were counted on the same day.

In the election, the number of seats in the City Assembly had been reduced to 30 for the first time while it previously had had 34 seats. 23 of the winning candidates were successful incumbents who were able to retain their seats. In addition, the assembly now has six new faces, and one former member of the assembly also won back a seat.

62.75% of eligible voters cast a ballot in the election, which means the turnout was about five percent smaller than in the last election in 2010.

By party, two people are from Komeito, and the Japanese Communist Party members also won two seats. One represents the Okinawa Social Masses Party, and one is from the Japan Restoration Party.  The rest, 24 assembly members, have officially no party affiliation.

04:55 29 Feb , 2024