Purported victim of robbery in Shuri arrested for theft

A parking lot attendant who claimed that he had been the victim of a robbery on Oct. 6. in Shur-Mawashi, was himself arrested on Oct. 8. The man told police that an unknown assailant who had hit him over the head with a stick had robbed him of several hundred thousand yen.

According to Naha Police, the 41-year-old coin parking company employee is now suspected of having stolen ¥122,000 in cash that he had collected from the company parking meters in Matsuyama, Naha, and then reported the fictitious robbery to police to cover his deed. He has admitted to the charge.

Naha Police are investigating the details of the theft, and whether the man is connected to the disappearance of parking money that allegedly happened in Shuri-Mawashi.

11:48 28 Feb , 2024