Sunday Tomigusuku Mayor Election campaign starts

Tomigusuku City announced its official mayoral election campaign starting notice, Monday. The election will be held upon the expiration of the term of the current mayor this Sunday.

Two candidates are taking part in the race.  Both of them run as independents and have no official affiliation with any political party. Haruki Gibo is the incumbent while Katsunaga Oshiro is a former City Assembly member.  The Election Day is this Sunday, Oct. 12th, and the ballots are counted and the result announced on the same day.

The most contested questions in the election are the public welfare and parental care issues, and how to stimulate the local economy.  Oshiro has received the endorsement of the Social Democratic, Japanese Communist and Okinawa Social Masses parties, while Gibo has the backing of LDP Okinawa Chapter and Komeito.  All parties regard the mayoral election as an early harbinger of the upcoming Okinawa gubernatorial race in November.

In his campaign Oshiro says, “I’m planning to organize the municipal government administration focusing on citizens of Tomigusuku.  I’d like local people to live comfortably, and build a wealthy community.”

For his part, Gibo promises, “I would like to try to secure revenue for the city in order to be able to guarantee our obligations, and try my best to make Tomigusuku the best place to live in Japan.”

As of Oct. 5th, eligible voters in Tomigusuku number 45,317 people.

07:11 01 Mar , 2024