Takeshi Onaga spells out his campaign pledges

Former Naha City Mayor Takeshi Onaga who is currently campaigning for the Prefecture governor’s seat made public his campaign pledges at a meeting in a hotel in Naha. The gubernatorial election takes place on Nov. 16th.

Regarding the construction of a new base to replace and return the MCAS Futenma, Onaga stressed his intention to take every possible measure to stop the central government from constructing a new base in Henoko.

Onaga also explained his often-repeated thoughts of closing and clearing of the MCAS Futenma.  He thinks that the U.S. military bases on Okinawa are the biggest factor obstructing the economic development of Okinawa, and says that any plans of stimulating Okinawan economy linked to the bases will lead to a disaster.

“It’s very wrong to think that MCAS Futenma has to be on Okinawa,” Onaga says.  He is steadfast in opposing the construction of a new base, and also against the deployment of Osprey aircraft within the prefecture.

Onaga also indicated his opposition to the construction of a helipad in Takae, Higashi Village, and talked about his plan to post a prefectural representative in Washington D.C. in order to solve the base issues once he becomes the Governor.

Onaga expressed his opposition to introducing casino gambling to Okinawa because, he says, “Casino gambling is unfit for circumstances in Okinawa.”  In addition, he is against TPP, and construction of nuclear power plants on Okinawa.

While talking about Okinawan economy, Onaga indicated that Okinawa could be a hub in southeast Asia for distribution and tourism industries. He pledged to try to promote industry, tourism and to enhance medical welfare. Finally, he spelled out a plan to improve MICE facilities, and to build a railway through the Island.

06:45 01 Mar , 2024