Vandalism prompts cancellation of Meio University sports event

A Meio University-sponsored track and field event scheduled in Nago for the weekend was canceled after a tent, prepared for the event, was found deliberately damaged Saturday morning.

In addition to the torn tent, Nago Police who came to the scene to investigate discovered several sheets of paper with “If you enter, I will kill you” and “Someone will die” written on them. The papers were found at the entrance to the stadium and in the tents pitched in the area. Thousands of thumbtacks were also spread on the ground around the goal line on the field track.

Nago City Police is investigating the incident as criminal damage to property.

In response to the incident, Meio University officials canceled the scheduled track and field event.  The site of the incident, the Nago City Athletic Stadium, was closed until Sunday.

According to Nago City Police, a maintenance staff member discovered a 60-cm-long tear in the tent at 6 a.m. on Oct. 25th, and called the police. The track field is open 24 hours a day, so people can come and go any time.

09:45 05 Mar , 2024