Yafuso Street merchants give away movie tickets

The Yafuso Street Merchants’ Assocition in Urasoe has started a town promotion campaign giving out tickets to three movie shows at Yafuso Community Center..

During the campaign, the association member stores give away free movie tickets in their shops to attract customers.  For the first show, aimed at middle-aged and older audiences, the shops handed out tickets for a screening of a popular Japanese movie ‘Arashi wo Yobu Otoko’ starring Yujiro Ishihara.

The second matinee on Nov. 16th is a action movie ‘Twin Dragon’ starring Jackie Chan, targeting people from their 30’s to 40’s.  The third show is on Dec. 13th and intended for young people in their teens. The movie on the screen is ‘Okinawa no Kowai Hanashi 3D’.

Naohiko Uehara, a veteran Okinawan radio personality, has fond memories of  Yafuso Street in his youth. “To me, Yafuso Street used to be a place where we would get together with a group of friends and eat soba.” Uehara adds he cheers the Yafuso Street Association initiative to liven up the area.

To cover the cost, the association has received a government subsidy.

12:50 28 Feb , 2024