Bar manager arrested for stabbing customer to death

Itoman Police arrested 53-year-old bar manager Yoshihiro Shingaki on suspicion of murder on Nov. 13th.

According to investigators, Shingaki stabbed 48-year-old farmer Yoshihide Goya after an argument in the bar Shingaki ran.  Goya was taken to a hospital in serious condition where he died two and a half hours later. When questioned, Shingaki said, “I did not mean to kill him,” and is denying the charges.

According to Itoman Police, Shingaki and the victim got into a quarrel for an unknown reason. Goya had gone to Shingaki’s bar as a customer, and was stabbed in the stomach with a small knife.

Police say both grew up in the same village although they were not of the same age. Goya was a regular customer at Shingaki’s bar.

13:55 25 May , 2024