Beaujoláis Nouvéau arrives

Wine aficionados on Okinawa had a chance to pop the corks of the fist bottles of this year’s Beaujoláis Nouvéau, yesterday, in a world-wide campaign that the French wine makers conduct every year by releasing the year’s new wine on the same day throughout the world.

The first batch of the new wine had arrived by air to Naha Airport a few days before where it went through the customs inspection before being delivered to local wholesale distributors.

According to Naha Cistoms Office, a total of 2,160 bottles and two barrels of the new wine from France, a total of 1,680 liters, had landed at Naha Airport on Nov. 14th where customs officers opened the boxes of wine and checked the import documents and labels on the bottles.

Jun Shiroma, the president of Royal Bussan Co,. Ltd., an importer of Beaujoláis Nouvéau and other wines, said, “I have heard that this year the quality of the wine is better than usual. Okinawan fine lovers should have a good reason to look forward to the opening day of Beaujoláis Nouvéau.”

09:03 18 Jun , 2024