Camp Foster civilian nabbed for DUI

Urasoe Police nabbed a 27-year-old civilian employee of Camp Foster, Nov. 1, on suspicion of drinking and driving.

According to police, they saw a car moving erratically on a street around 6 a.m. and stopped the car. They administered a breathalyzer test to the driver, Preston Woodard, and it showed he had about four times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath, and he was arrested.

When questioned, Preston admitted to the charges.

  • guest

    Civilian job opening. sorry dude but no excuse with a zero tolerance for alcohol.

  • Macio

    With all the DUI’s and DWI’s on this Island every day…how is this event a news item? and what is nabbed…such graphic storytelling for such a non-event.

19:38 14 Jul , 2024