Defacing of gubernatorial election posters on rise

It’s illegal to scribble anything on official election posters in Japan, but Okinawa Prefectural Police say that an increasing number of official posters of candidates on bulletin boards set up for the gubernatorial election on Nov. 16, are found to have text and pictures scribbled on them.

Police say the problem is especially common in the middle and southern parts of the Island.  Scribbling on election posters on the bulletin boards could be a violation of the Public Offices Election Law and considered a destruction of property under the Criminal Code.

The Prefectural election administration and Prefectural Police are checking on the damage and keeping an eye on the posters.  As of Nov. 4, the damage was confirmed in four places in Ginowan and three places in Urasoe.  Some cases were also reported in Nanjo City.

  • Tom Denk

    Which one is of the 4 candiates was defaced ?

14:37 14 Jul , 2024