Fugitive nabbed after found adrift off Yonaguni

Yaeyama Police arrested a 35-year-old self-employed businessman on Hiroshima Prefecture Police wanted list on suspicion of violating the Retail Sales Act.

According to Hiroshima Police arrest warrant, Miyatake with two accomplices launched a fake retail website in Oct. 2010 that was active about two months. The three used the site to steal customers’ credit card information, and also failed to deliver goods that the customers ordered. After Hiroshima Police started an investigation, Miyatake escaped to Thailand.

On the night of Nov. 25, a fishing boat rescued Miyatake drifting away on an inflatable boat off Yonaguni Island after he had called the police emergency number on his cell phone. However, he left his boat and escaped again as the fishing boat reached a port on Yonaguni.

Finally, police found and caught Miyatake a day later at the Yonaguni Airport. Miyatake says that he came from Taiwan on his inflatable boat.

01:31 26 Jun , 2024