Fun Fan Terminal to lure Kings’ fans to Okinawa City

Okinawa City is starting a new promotion called “Fun Fan Terminal” aimed at attracting spectators of the Ryukyu Gilden Kings home games into shopping areas in Okinawa City.

The Golden Kings’ home games are scheduled to take place at the Okinawa City Gymnasium through next April, and when a game takes place, the city will run shuttle buses between the gymnasium, Koza Music Town and Players’ Café at Chuo Park Avenue. The idea is to entice customers to go shopping and dining in restaurants in the area.  Affiliated stores are giving out stickers with Kings’ Logo to customers, and people can receive some promotional goods like key holders and tote bags for collecting five stickers.

The City is also planning to organize walking tours in the company of Kings’ players to shopping districts and streets.  Details of the event are on the Kings’ official website in Japanese at

04:19 15 Jul , 2024