High school boy beaten up, robbed of ¥20,000 in cash

Two men robbed a 18-year-old Nanjo City high school boy of ¥20,000 in cash after first assaulting and beating him up in the evening of Nov. 4th in Iha, Yaese Town.

According to Itoman Police, the victim was riding a motorcycle and waiting at a stoplight when the two men approached and picked up an argument saying “You stole this bike, right?” After a brief argument, the men took the boy to an empty lot where they beat and kicked him on the face and stomach, and then extorted the cash from the victim.

The police are investigating the incident as a robbery.  The two suspects were also riding a scooter-type motorcycle and looked about 18 to 20 years old.  One of them is a little chubby, and was wearing a cap-type helmet.

12:36 13 Jun , 2024