Nov 6 ~ 12


Usually you concentrate on practical matters and things that you want from your life. However, over the next few days your mind is mostly on everything that you don’t want. Your more practical approach extends to your love life, and that means you pay attention to details that are not the way you think they should. To be sure you can make necessary adjustments you should list both positive and negative aspects in your love life.


You should rekindle the romance in our house by paying special attention to small positive details. Take care of problematic situations at work to prevent them from taking over your thoughts. A positive attitude helps in many situations, and make sure you leave your work-related matters to your working place. You should spend this weekend with your good friends in a place that you enjoy. Take care of yourself first.


Concentrate on the positive in your life, and spend time with those who have a positive attitude and encourage you in your pursuits. You should also understand that with time, many things are bound to change, and that includes events that you have no control over. You are busy at work, but you also can expect much progress. Any changes that you are facing are mostly positive and you should encourage them.


Love in your life makes you feel virile and strong, and as long as you remember that a smile attracts people to you easier than a sour face, you are going to be all right. Do not forget your own needs as you tend to be more concerned about the wants of others. Thinking what you want and need in your life should not be a source of guilt. After all, if you don’t look after your own well being, who else would?


There is plenty of love in this world, and the really important question is, how much of that is heading to your way. Although you can’t take anything for granted, researching a little could bring amazing details to the light. And if your suspicion arises, take a step back and make sure that you are on the right path. Something that has taken forever is about to come to a conclusion, and you have no more reason to mull it over.


Sometimes it’s good to stop and think about your own position in the middle of all the chaos that is going on in this world. Then you should forget everything that is taking place around you, and make a list of your own needs and goals. Where do you want to be in five years? What do you want to accomplish by then? You should not feel guilty if you once in a while put yourself first. That could mean a new beginning to you.


Listen to your partner and colleagues. Is someone trying to trip you by spreading unsavory hints about you. If you immerse yourself too deep in your everyday routines, you could lose touch with emotional needs of those around you. You should try to see the situation from their perspective. They are sure to appreciate even if you only try. Some of your friends could even be envious of you, but you have to stand firm behind your words.


Happiness and love are now walking hand in hand, and the key is choosing the right place and right words. If you feel that you have nothing to expect, think again. Nice things happen to nice people! And if you show enthusiastic attitude, other will want to seek your company. You should stop thinking useless scenarios as that is not good for you. You have been quite negative lately, and it’s the time to change that.


People around you know that your time is valuable, and don’t take you for granted. Spicing up your love life should not be too complicated at his time. If someone certain does not live up to your expectations, you should be patient. At the same time, make it clear that you expect a better result next time. You might not want to show your feelings, but you have to decide whether you want to be honest with yourself.


A request you made a while ago is likely to be accepted now, but you have to think carefully if you want to change your mind. Something that you have waited for a long time is at hand. Circumstances may not be the best they could, but if you are waiting for perfection, you could end up waiting for a long time. You need to pay attention to details. This is a practical matter and only you can complete it perfectly.


You are making small decisions all the time, but one that you have to make this week could have far-reaching consequences. So be careful. You partner could be in need of more attention. Find out what is expected of your future. The answer could be a surprise, and you must follow the path ahead of you with caution. You waste too much time thinking about the past, and you should let it be. New situations arise fast.


You have been lucky lately, and that makes you suspicious. Are some things happening on their own, or is someone manipulation the situation from behind? Does it matter? Forget the uncertainty and enjoy your life. You have much to win and very little to lose. Get it into your head that many people really want you to be happy. You are dreaming about something bigger, but the real power comes from the love of your family.

21:50 24 Jun , 2024