Nov 13 ~ 19


Because of a positive aspect of planet Jupiter to your zodiac you have more energy than usual for the next few weeks. One of the less desirable side effects could be that you could become compelled to spend too much. When the urge hits, you should concentrate on thinking what you could use your money for later. A budding romance seems to be in the horizon, and if you want it to proceed, you have to put a little effort in it..


You would like to lessen the load you usually carry at your work, and that could be very good for your wellbeing, but it surely would be a shock to others who have accustomed to relying on you. After the weekend you are going to get some relief, almost like a new beginning. One of your friends is planning to reveal you a secret. You should not panic but be prepared mentally. Trust your feelings and be ready to read between the lines.


This is as romantic and exciting as it gets to you. Passions and imagination rule, and you should not hide your feelings and emotions either. And why would you pass on your chance to experience a bit of real ecstasy and a bit of happiness, even if in passing. After all, nothing is forever, so you should enjoy as long as you can. But you should also pay attention to your money situation, and be ready to take action where needed.


This weekend is a little quieter than usual and offers you a good chance to relax a bit. You should evaluate your working schedule with an eye of securing more time for leisure. Spending a weekend in the company of your family only may not look so attractive first, but that could lead you to consider changing you plans over the next few months. You might even discover a completely new and exciting side in your partner.


The focus over the next few days should be your finances. That does not sound very exciting, but you could also end up with solutions that are nothing short of brilliant. If you want to make progress in your career you should consider giving those around you more chances to help you. For this weekend, you should plan something romantic, but you also should be ready to show your true feelings openly.


You health and feeling good should be in the limelight over this weekend even if that forces you to rethink many aspects of your life. Consider you diet, physical activity, personal relationships and work. Do not forget to evaluate your social life. Why would you waste your time associating with people who have a negative attitude. You should receive any changes you face in your life curious and as a challenge to be conquered.


The start of this weekend may look slow first, but your enthusiasm is going to quell any such thoughts. You love fast tempo and getting things done in a hurry, especially when you see that it often means progress. Healthy habits are becoming more important to you as a source of energy. There’s always a way to do better, so don’t let your pride tell you that you have already achieved the pinnacle and everything is all right as is.


You can expect your money situation to improve considerably, and that means that you have more room to play with a problem that you could possibly encounter within a few days. Try to take some distance to people who have become all too dependent on you. When you force them to face the possibility to make it on their own, they become more independent and recognize that you are not in their disposal all the time.


People who are testing your good will and patience are in for an unpleasant surprise. Too much is always too much! Changes come from the heart and decisions could be very final, but don’t shut out the possibility to make things up if everyone agrees on new rules. There could be many other changes over the weekend, although some of them will be delayed all the way to next year. Some other can’t wait, as this is the new route to follow for you.


You would like to get rid of old ideas and negative relationships. You can almost feel how just a thought of such a chance brightens your mind. There could be some problems after the weekend, and the sooner you fix the situation the better. You just have to do your best. Once you solve your problem, you social life is bound to change for the better. You have to assume a new important responsibility, but luckily you can take it easily.


A situation relating to your old flame is leading you onto a familiar path, but the positive point this time is that you know now how to pick only the best parts. As it is, there’s no reason to make any compromises. It could be difficult to convince everyone to accept the situation first, but this is something that is going to change as times go by. Just remember to slow down with anything that involves feelings and emotions.


You would like everybody to be happy, but sometimes you seem to forget your own needs. This would be a good time to think about your own life and wellbeing. This weekend promises to be exciting. Just think ahead where you could be and with whom. There’s someone who’s pointing this out to you, but in a quiet way, and it’s up to you to figure out how it’s going to work. Once you resolve the puzzle, the rest becomes history

22:34 22 Jul , 2024