Nov 20 ~ 26


Do you have a feeling that someone is trying to hide something from you? It would be better for you to find out what really is going on among your close friends. Just now you should do your best to try to keep your income and expenses in balance, as you can expect to encounter some sizable payments in the near future. A new kind of physical exercise could be necessary to keep your energy level up towards the yearend.


This would be a good time to ease the burden you have accumulated on your shoulders. You should find a person you trust, and then tell that person everything that has troubled you lately. Your lover could ask you to reveal much more that you would like, and you have to weigh whether that would be more trouble than its worth. On he other hand, you could feel much better given a chance to start from a clean slate.


There’s someone who’s waiting for some kind of a definite answer in a matter concerning love. Being in the company of a right kind of a person is very important for you just now, and you should avoid picking up the second best. There’s someone who’s trying to steal your attention at this very important moment. You need all concentration you can muster to gain most from a super romantic weekend that is waiting for you.


Many activities are taking most of your time, and that could mean trouble at home. You can expect many possibilities to open up in front of you, and it would be very unfortunate if someone tried to stop you from taking your place in the limelight. You should ignore negative comments you are likely to hear over the next couple of weeks. Instead, plans concerning your future make you think, and that’s what you should concentrate on.


Many things are moving now really fast. Maybe you have been engaged in some kind of negotiations that ended with better results than expected. Stand your ground and be brave when people demand you take on new challenges in your work. Many people appreciate you for seeking amicable solutions. Those often help people to avoid conflicts that normally would delay many projects and cause unnecessary friction.


Whatever feelings dominate your mind this time, they are going to be stronger after the weekend. Something unexpected is going to burden your wallet, but that does not seem to be important to you just now. Someone would like to take care of you more. So, wouldn’t it be nice to get a helping hand. If you agree, you could do a favor to the person who wants to help you, and you both would end up being happier.


No matter how much you would like to influence a certain person, this does not seem to be the best time to succeed. On the other hand, the road into someone’s heart could be found as easily as by asking a direct question. You might find it helpful to ask friends’ opinions, so don’t hesitate to approach them. The main thing is not to give up too easily but to forge ahead with determination. Nothing good comes too easy.


This weekend seems to be full of temptations. Meeting people in private settings makes your pulse rage. And everyone seems to have romantic intentions. No matter how proper and clear minded you usually are, it seems to be difficult to avoid missteps and outright mistakes just now. Some kind of physical activity could be the easiest way to keep you on the right track. Besides, that would help you to avoid trouble later.


Small flirting has a good chance of developing into something much bigger and serious so be careful, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. However, if you still would like to express yourself freely, this could mean very different things to different people. If you engage in small flirting, try to keep it in context and avoid making it into something bigger if you get a response. As long as it’s for fun, no one gets hurt.


If someone is coming to apologize you, try to stay optimistic and ready to make amendments. Many of us act in haste, so flexibility is often called for. When you discuss about possible problems think carefully how you choose your words, especially in business or working environment. It’s all too easy to give an impression of snobbishness or aloofness, and it’s often difficult to change later on even if you want to..


Just about everybody seems eager to give you advice. Maybe you have kept your ideas or feelings too hidden, and people think they can now read between the lines, even when there’s nothing to read. Maybe you should open the veil of secrecy surrounding you just a bit, so those around you don’t start making up things from their own head. But you can expect your love life to wake up with a new spark that promises plenty of joy.


An exciting unexpected encounter with a person you love is just what you need. When that chance comes to your way, enjoy it. It seems that planet Mercury has depressed you life lately. Luckily there’s a party coming up that could remind you of good old times. With an open mind and open heart you can expect most of them to come back. In the meantime, you can improve your current situation if you just keep working on it.

13:43 13 Jun , 2024