Nov 27 ~ Dec 3


You can expect the next few days to be very creative. Your friends and members of your family also seem to understand your hopes and goals better than for some time. The life feels easier in many ways when those close to you know the direction you’re heading to. Sometimes this tends to remain less clear in the midst of everyday hurry and hassle. A near miss situation over the weekend turns out to be to your advantage.


This weekend your level of energy is very high, and that means even the sky is no limit to your imagination. Your dreams are so vivid that it’s almost possible to touch them. You should try to combine ambition and compassion into a sensible mix. Instead of finances you should bring your family and love to the fore in your mind as it seems that your love life is going through some kind of transition, and you have some decisions to make.


You are beginning to understand that you see your world in a completely new way as you mature. There are certain commitments that you have though are keeping you back, but is that really so? You don’t always have to change your circumstances to you liking as sometimes adapting and being flexible brings you better results. Someone has strong feelings towards you, and it could be difficult to respond. But don’t ignore them either.


This week you can easily get help and support from others towards your goals. Small changes at home mean a lot to your family, and would bring you rich rewards for your efforts in the future. At this time, your main concern should be your work as there could be surprising and fortunate changes ahead. You should avoid all selfish feelings as cooperating with your colleagues would guarantee you the best results.


You can expect many kinds of activities and busy schedule ahead. Something you began earlier this year has to be completed before the end of the year. You are also about to meet someone in a few days who’s going to turn your heart inside out. Your eyes and mind are likely to open up to certain possibilities becoming available to you. You should not procrastinate with this either, and it’s important to keep your promises.


This weekend promises to be exciting, especially concerning your love life. You may have contemplated with your partner how to advance your relationship, and now you will have a chance to see better how to reach what you want. Otherwise the period is rather quiet, and your relationships will develop little by little. However, there are some matters that you should not avoid to attend to, even if you have little enthusiasm on them.


You intimate relationship is working very well at the moment, and this weekend is going to bring you plenty of opportunities to spend quality time together. You should be ready to discuss ways to move forward in your life. You lover could be right insisting on elevating your relationship to the next level. You should be ready to let loose from your routines, and start to enjoy your life to the fullest. Life is wonderful.


You should focus your sights on your future, and ask yourself whether you are heading to the right direction, and are you going to reach your goals over the next few months. Planning and organizing now would save you plenty of time and money later. You can expect this weekend to be romantic and relaxing, and that will give you energy to do what is necessary next week. A little extra effort is necessary to take care of an old problem.


Peace and harmony continue in your life, and many plans will progress positively over the next few days. Maybe you’re ready to present your plans that you have made over a long period of time. This time of the year is very romantic to those born as Sagittarius. You should appreciate your creativity and ability to work together. Late nights and intensive discussions demand that you take good care of yourself physically.


You have plenty of warmth and love surrounding you, but maybe you have not noticed. Your friends are ready to help you when you’re tired or don’t know how to go ahead. Sometimes you also forget to ask yourself what you really want. You can expect something new and exciting to come up pretty soon. You should be ready to defend you and your friend. Someone wants to interfere in your joint plans, and you must not let that happen.


The focus on the days ahead is very much on your relationships and career. If you’re contemplating a new move, there are some new possibilities that should balance your mind. If you widen your horizons you can expect to gain some new ideas. A trip or planning one is likely to get your in contact with someone whose expertise you will badly need soon. There will be other surprises, too, and most of them are to your liking.


Be sure to take care to communicate with people as much as possible. Your words and body language has now such magic that it’s easy to get your message understood. By having many discussions you are able to gain important information that is useful for both you and those around you. Pay close attention to your prospects in your work and finances. Only you have the keys to your future happiness and success.

22:04 20 Jul , 2024