Naha high school team wins category in electric car race

The team from Naha Industrial High School won the first prize in the 20th National Eco-Den Race that was held at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park in Suita City, Osaka, on Nov. 23rd.

The Eco-Den Race – “den” stands for “electricity” – pits electric powered cars that are designed and built by participating teams from high schools and general participants nation wide against each other in several categories. The Okinawa Industrial High School Team won the race in the Wiper Motor Class Battery Powered Vehicles. In the category, the participating cars are powered by motors from car windshield wipers, and compete in running distance. It was the sixth consecutive time for the Naha Kogyo High School to win.

Eight teams from the total of 92 competed in racing cars using windshield wiper motors for power. Eleven students from the Naha Kogyo High School students comprised ‘Team ZERO’ whose electric car completed 36 rounds in 40 minutes. One round on the racing track is 311.4 meters, and Team ZERO beat the second place team by two rounds.

08:48 18 Jun , 2024