New Hawaii Governor has family roots in Okinawa

The 59-year-old Hawaii Senator, David Ige (D), a third-generation Japanese-American with family roots in Okinawa, was elected the Governor of Hawaii on Nov. 4.

Ige defeated James Aiona, a former republican Lieutenant Governor in the Hawaii gubernatorial election held in conjunction with the U.S. midterm elections on the same day. With his win, Ige became the first Okinawa-related Governor in the U.S.

Ige’s grandparents moved to Hawaii from Nishihara Town.  Ige is the second Japanese-descended governor of Hawaii since Gorge Ariyoshi administration in 1974.  In the election, Ige really did not have a high profile. However, the support of Japanese-descended voters and high reputation led him to win the race.  Ige’s father served in the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

11:44 23 Jun , 2024