Police investigates suspicious fires in Yaese

Three suspicious fires took place on a vacant lot of land and sugar field in Yaese Town around noon on Nov. 10. An area of a total of 230 square meters was burned in addition to some bags containing weeds and trash in a park. No one was injured in the incident.

All fires happened just within a radius of about 500 meters.  The Police are investing the cause of the fires on suspicion of arson.

Itoman Police got a call to their emergency number about 1 p.m. informing that dry grass was burning in an area of about 200 square meters.  When police went to the scene and conducted a door-to-door inquiry, they got information from a person living near the site saying he had put off a fire earlier at a park near by. The police went to investigate and found burned weeds and a trash bag in the park.

01:30 26 Jun , 2024