Ships collide on Nakagusuku Bay, smaller one sinks

A Panama-registered 2,982-ton cargo ship ‘Yong Sheng 7’ with a Chinese crew of 14, collided with a Japanese 960-ton ‘No. 18 Hokuhei’ sand dredger ship with a crew of five, on Nakagusuku Bay in he evening of Nov. 15th.

A collision occurred about 1.5 kilometers off the Nakagusuku new port. As a result of the collision, the smaller Japanese ship sank, and according to Nakagusuku Coast Guard officials had, as of 11 p.m. on Saturday evening, turned over and about 80% of the ship is under water.

The crew from Yong Sheng 7 rescued all five crew of the No. 18 Hokuhei. No one was injured.  The oil is spilling from the sinking ship, and the Nakagusuku Coast Guard has set up an oil fence to prevent the spill from spreading.

14:14 14 Jul , 2024