Yoshimoto to set up satellite TV channel company in Okinawa

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., the largest and oldest entertainment management agency in Japan, will start a new satellite TV channel called ‘Kawaiian TV’ specializing in idols. The channel will be broadcast through the SkyPerfect TV satellite.

To celebrate starting of the service, a live broadcast from three locations will take place; from the Ginowan Seaside Park open-air theater, a studio in Tokyo and from a yet to be determined location.  The program will run for five hours starting 6 p.m. on Dec. 1st.

Yoshimoto aims to broadcast information on Japanese and Okinawan performers to Asian countres and the world. Collaboration with female talents and models from Korea and other Asian countries is also in the plans.

For managing the channel, Yoshimoto plans to establish the head office of the Kawaiian TV in Ginowan City, and prepare a recording studio and necessary equipment for broadcasting in the same location.

00:49 26 Jun , 2024