Fraudsters con people with fake waterworks bills

According to Naha City Waterworks Bureau, a number of fraud cases have come to their attention in Naha.

As an example, a company spokesman cited a case, in which someone called local houses posing as an office staff member of the City Waterworks Bureau or a designated agent in charge of waterworks’ inspection visits, and asked for a payment of a check-up and repair fee.  According to City Waterworks Bureau officials, in some cases fraudsters have mixed coloring liquid in tap water as a supposed test, and then recommended people install a water filtering system, or they say, “We are inspecting a drainage system around this area,” and then ask for a fee for the supposed inspection.

The person in charge of the waterworks of the city explains, “We and designated agents only visit people, if they ask us to come.  When someone comes to a house without being asked, please call the office to check, and we put out an alert to residents when appropriate.”

17:11 21 Apr , 2024